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Hvorfor 3D-print af produkter er bedre for miljøet end traditionel plastproduktion

Why 3D printing of products is better for the environment than traditional plastic production

Mads Collin
We live in a time when we are all aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet. One of the biggest challenges is the huge amount of plastic that is produced and that ends up in our environment and in our oceans. One of the ways we can reduce our footprint on the environment is by switching from traditional plastic production to 3D printing of products. In this article, we will explain why 3D printing is better for the environment than traditional plastic production.
Vi 3D printer alle ordrer "on demand" - Det er smart for vores forretning, kræver ikke et stort lager og godt for miljøet.

We 3D print all orders "on demand" - It's smart for our business, doesn't require a large warehouse and good for the environment.

Mads Collin
At weshape, we believe in sustainability and efficiency in our business model. Therefore, we have implemented an "on demand" production method, where we 3D print all orders as needed. This means that we do not need to maintain large inventories, and at the same time it is a more environmentally friendly way of production.
Opsætning af smart home i dit hjem

Setting up smart home in your home

Mads Pedersen
Smart home products are starting to become permanent fixtures in most homes. In this connection, you often also want to have various products set u...

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