Plante under en 3D printer

With new production methods comes new impacts on the environment. The environmental impact of 3D printing over more traditional ones is still being studied, but organizations such as the OECD have already done some analysis and published a report about this.

As with traditional production methods, the environmental impact of 3D printing depends a lot on the precise technology used.

  • Here at weshape we use the so-called Fused filament fabrication method. This production method uses a relatively large amount of electricity, but we try, as far as possible, to use green electricity in production so as not to burden the environment.
  • One of the environmental advantages of 3D printing products is that it requires less shipping of the products, as you have the option of producing locally. Thereby, only the compact raw material has to be transported and you do not have to transport a lot of air in the end product.
  • Since 3D printing is a so-called "additive manufacturing" technique, i.e. where you add material to make a product, it also reduces waste material during production. Some traditional production methods use "subtractive manufacturing" where you cut material from a larger block to make the final product. This can create a large amount of waste that cannot be used afterwards.
  • We use biodegradable plastic in some of our production in order not to contribute to the plastic accumulation in e.g. the oceans.
  • Finally, 3D printing also offers better opportunities to repair products. It may be difficult to always find the necessary spare parts (if they are still produced at all), but due to the great flexibility of 3D printing, these spare parts can be produced in small quantities. If you have something you are missing, you can contact us to see if we have the opportunity to produce it.

There are not only advantages for you in buying 3D printed products, but also for the environment. So if you want to try buying a 3D printed product, you can look at our selection and find what you need.