Opsætning af smart home i dit hjem

Smart home products are starting to become permanent fixtures in most homes. In this connection, you often also want to have various products set up so that they sit most optimally for wifi signal or just to keep a tidy home.

Mounting/suspension is rarely included

In this connection, it can be difficult to find the right suspension for the many different products, if it exists at all. This is both due to the speed at which they come on the market and because the market for some of the models can be relatively small. When you combine this with the fact that brackets are rarely included with the product, it can be difficult to find the right bracket/suspension. It therefore typically ends up with the product standing and floating on a table or shelf where there is just enough space.

Advantages of installing smart home products

As already mentioned, there are some advantages to getting the smart home product off the table/shelf and onto a wall or ceiling, including:

  • It provides better coverage
  • You save space on the shelf or table
  • The product can be more easily "hidden out of the way" behind, for example, a television or table
  • You can have easier accessibility to the products if they are alternatively to be stored in a drawer/cupboard somewhere when you are not using the product
  • Becomes an integrated part of the home more easily, as if, for example, you use a inset for a Philips Hue dimmer Switch so it looks like a "normal" switch

We may be able to help you

If you have some challenges in your search for a wall bracket/wall suspension, you can also find help with us. We already have several different suspension/fittings in assortment for e.g. . Google, Apple and TP-link products and we are actively working to expand it. One of the advantages of our manufacturing method (3D printing) is that we can produce new suspensions very quickly. So if you are in need of a fitting, you can also easily get in touch with us through either the chat, our contact form or email. Then we can most likely help you, at least we'll have to try.