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Kæmper din robotplæneklipper med skråninger?

Does your robotic mower struggle with slopes?

Mads Pedersen
A well-manicured lawn is the pride of any gardener, but maintaining your lawn can be a challenge if your garden has slopes or inclines. That's wher...
Har du problemer med, at din robotplæneklipper sidder fast i æbler?

Do you have problems with your robotic lawnmower getting stuck in apples?

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Modern gardening offers countless technological aids that can make everyday life easier. One of the most popular garden gadgets is undoubtedly robo...
Opbevaringsløsninger til dit hjem

Storage solutions for your home

Mads Pedersen
Lacking storage ideas?. There's always room to improve and optimise the space in your home with some creative and smart storage solutions. Look fo...