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Working from home is becoming more and more common, which is why a functional home office is essential. A well-organised home office layout can increase productivity and make your working days more enjoyable.


Inspiration for organising your home office

To find inspiration for your home office, explore different themes and styles that reflect your personal taste and work needs. Think about how elements such as colour schemes, lighting and furnishings can create a motivating atmosphere


Give your home office a new look

A new look for your home office can be achieved by adding a few new elements or by reorganising your workspace. New technological additions or simply a new colour on the walls can completely transform the feel of the space

How to organise a small home office

Having a smaller space to work with requires extra creativity. Use space-saving solutions like wall shelves or multifunctional furniture. A laptop holder can not only save space, but also put your screen at eye level for better ergonomics.

What do you need for your home office?

The idea of a well-equipped home office varies from person to person, but basic elements can include a reliable computer, an ergonomic chair, strong internet connection and a good audio source for your calls and music. In addition, consider aesthetic and organisational elements that can improve both the function and appearance of your workspace.

Consider practical elements like a stylish headset holder, elegance in the form of a headset stand or technological convenience with a phone stand to keep your device within easy reach.

The right home office should support efficiency and well-being. With the above tips and the right furniture, you can create a workplace that allows you to perform at your best.

The right home office should support efficiency and well-being.

Hide the power socket away with a socket hider

A cluttered office can be stressful, so it's a good idea to use a socket hider to hide away sockets and wires and create a tidier space.

Create order by hiding wires

Hanging wires can be messy and annoying to look at. By using solutions like cable storage or a USB cable organiser, you can easily and elegantly hide your wires.

Upgrade your office with smart gadgets

Upgrade your office with gadgets that not only look smart, but improve your workday. A tablet holder or a wall mount for your JBL Link Music can add both functionality and a modern touch to your office.

Organising your office with desk storage

Good desk storage is essential for keeping your office organised. Choose storage options that can be easily integrated into your workstation, so you always have what you need within easy reach.

Desktop storage is a great way to keep your office organised.

Laptop holder for desk

A desktop laptop holder is a great way to optimise space while maintaining good ergonomics. Choose a holder that matches your work style and comfort needs