Har du problemer med, at din robotplæneklipper sidder fast i æbler?

Modern gardening offers countless technological aids that can make everyday life easier. One of the most popular garden gadgets is undoubtedly robotic lawnmowers. These smart devices take the mowing out of your hands and ensure that your lawn looks freshly mown and well-maintained without much effort on your part. But what do you do when apples and other fruit become a challenge for your automatic helper?

When your robotic lawnmower under fruit trees meets challenges

From spring to late summer, it's not unusual for fruit trees to lose their load and apples to scatter across the lawn. It can be a charming part of the garden life cycle, but it's less charming when your robotic lawnmower is prevented from doing its job. Small branches and fallen leaves are generally handled well by robotic mowers, but fallen apples can be a different story. It can potentially damage the mower's blades and even cause it to get stuck.

How robotic mowers handle obstacles

WeShape has the solution to remove apples and other objects automatically

To avoid having to pick up fallen apples frequently, consider adding extra equipment to your lawn mower attachment. At WeShape, you can find a smart solution in the form of a bumper designed for Gardena Sileno life and city robotic lawnmowers. This bumper can push larger objects, such as apples, aside so that they do not end up under the robot. Such a device can therefore be a great help in keeping your robotic lawnmower free of apples and other fruits that can cause build-up or jamming.

Prevention and care for your robotic lawnmower

In addition to installing a bumper, you can also take other steps to protect your robotic lawnmower. Regular removal of fruits and larger branches from the lawn is important to extend the life of your robotic lawnmower and keep the blades sharp. Some spare parts, including cutting blades, are subject to normal wear and tear and are therefore not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


At the end of the day, your robotic lawnmower is a reliable friend in the garden that can handle most fallen fruit challenges. With the right care and a WeShape bumper, you can enjoy worry-free mowing even during apple season. Be proactive with maintenance and your robotic mower will continue to be an efficient and time-saving helper for many years to come.