Kæmper din robotplæneklipper med skråninger?

A well-manicured lawn is the pride of any gardener, but maintaining your lawn can be a challenge if your garden has slopes or inclines. That's where a robotic slope mower comes in. Can your robotic lawnmower handle the steeper parts of your yard? If it's struggling to navigate slopes, it might be time to consider upgrades or a new model.

What should you look for when it comes to robotic mowers and slopes?

It's important to choose the right robotic mower that can handle slopes. If your lawn has a slope of up to 45 degrees, you may need to invest in a more advanced or specially equipped model. If the robot will be mowing on slopes, make sure that the model you choose is built for this purpose and doesn't just go off the rails.

Do wet slopes cause problems for your robotic mower?

An additional element to consider is how your robotic mower handles wet grass, especially on slopes. Morning dew and rain can make the grass slippery and create an extra challenge for robotic mowers. This can make it harder for the machine to drive up slopes and it can also tend to pull towards lower lying areas, simply because it senses that it is starting to slip.

Terrain wheels could be the solution for your robotic lawnmower

One way to improve your robotic lawnmower's performance on slopes is to equip it with special all-terrain wheels. These wheels are designed to improve grip and stability and can be crucial to ensure your robot doesn't lose traction on wet and sloped surfaces. At WeShape you can find terrain wheels for the Redback E24 series, which are tailored for robotic lawnmowers working in challenging terrain conditions.

For Husqvarna Automower 105 owners, there's also help with specially designed terrain wheels that ensure a better ride on slopes. If you have a Bosch Indego model, equally customised terrain wheels are available to effectively improve your robotic mower's cutting performance and stability on slopes and wet terrain..

Should you upgrade your robotic mower for slope challenges?

When you're faced with choosing a new robotic lawnmower or upgrading your current one, it's important to consider your garden. Maybe you need a model that can handle multiple zones or one that is lighter and therefore less prone to sliding down a slope. Remember, investing in the right robotic lawnmower with the correct all-terrain wheels can make the difference if you want a neat and even lawn - even on the challenging areas of your garden.


A slope in your garden shouldn't be an obstacle to enjoying a beautifully mown lawn. With the right equipment, your robotic lawnmower can conquer even the most challenging terrain. By upgrading to all-terrain wheels, you can ensure your robotic mower performs optimally and keeps your lawn in top shape - no matter the slope. Start exploring the available terrain wheels on WeShape to find the perfect solution for your mower today.